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Easy hydro Grow

South Africa's first Multipart Liquid Hydroponic Nutrient - Established in 2014!

Our nutrients are suitable for all kinds of soil-less growing including aeroponics, bubbleponics, deep-water culture, nutrient film, flood and drain, and top-feed hydro systems, in any hydroponic media.

Your Trusted Grow Partner

Perfect For All Hydroponic Systems And Excellent For Use In Soil And Coco Coir

Use Our Basic 3 Part System In Various Combinations Depending
On The Crop And Stage Of Growth

An Optional Finishing Agent For The Experienced Grower

Use Ripener for greater flowering yields

For Use With Coco Coir

If your hydroponic mix contains 50% or more Coco Coir then replace Micro with Coco Micro and use in conjunction with Grow and Bloom as per the instructions.

Adjust your PH to the optimal PH for your plants before every feed and at least daily in a circulating system using Ehg’s PH Up and Down Range
Available in 5L and 25 L Containers for Commercial Farmers
As Well As 1L And ‘500ml Tripak’ Options For The Small Home Grower